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For many professionals whose jobs require some form of licensure, continuing professional education (CPE) is not just necessary to maintain that licensure, it is actually required either by law, by company policy, or both. One important aspect of CPE deals with the ethics related to your job, and your certifications and licenses


Free CPE for CPAs

You’re a CPA. You love your job. You want to be as good at your job as you can possibly be. So what is the best way to improve upon your already wide range of skills? Continuing professional education (CPE). CPE for CPAs may very well already be required in your state



Taxes: They’re unavoidable. For many, dealing with the many aspects and complications of taxation are an everyday facet of their professional careers. For accountants, CPAs, RTRPs and more, being proficiently trained where taxation is concerned is of the utmost importance. Because the tax rules and regulations are always changing, a good way

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