How To Become A Tax Accountant

Whenever someone mentions the word “taxes,” people have a tendency to cringe. Yet, this is a respectable profession and one that has its own financial rewards. A tax accountant in Nanaimo BC can make a solid living by doing a job that requires skill and training. What...

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The Basics of Finance Receivable

Businesses earn accounts receivables, or AR, from the products they sell or the services they offer when customers are able to pay in installments or have been forwarded a line of store credit. These are like invoices, or receipts, in a way. Let’s say your business...

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Understanding The Interest Rates Of A Payday Loan

It is essential that you understand the total amount of money that you are going to have to pay to receive the payday loan. The interest rates applied to these loans is much higher than traditional loans; however, this is because of the convenience factor they offer....

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