How To Become A Tax Accountant

by | May 19, 2015 | Finance

Whenever someone mentions the word “taxes,” people have a tendency to cringe. Yet, this is a respectable profession and one that has its own financial rewards. A tax accountant in Nanaimo BC can make a solid living by doing a job that requires skill and training.

What Is a Tax Accountant?

The term “tax accountant” in Nanaimo may also be loosely applied to someone who is a tax adviser or consultant – although the degree of education and knowledge may differ according to some organizations. In all cases, they are professionals who have some familiarity with accounting and tax law. This is a complex field requiring the ability to comprehend and apply the various tax laws in British Columbia and Canada to the situations their clients present. An accountant must be able to advise their clients on how to fulfill the legal requirements of both Federal and Provincial tax laws. On the one hand, they may simply help individual clients fill in their tax return forms; on the other, they may act in an advisory role providing the latest information to business clients and influence them as to where legally they can reduce their contributions to the government coffers.

Tax Consultants

A tax accountant in Nanaimo may play a more limited role than other professionals in the field of accounting. While they may handle the general inquiries concerning taxes and help the company to maintain its proper status by knowing what level of government receives what amount, when and why, they may not be as influential as their counterparts. Tax accountant consultants in Nanaimo BC, on the other hand may prove to be more influential in their application of tax laws. Their meetings with clients – over the phone, in person and online can be an educational service since they provide the companies or individuals they service with various legal options that will affect how much tax they have to pay.

Education for Accountants and Tax Consultants in Nanaimo BC

If you want to become a tax consultant in BC, you do not need to have an in depth degree in law or finances. However, accountants do and, if you want to be a highly qualified tax consultant, you should at least obtain a diploma in accounting from an accredited and respected college or university. A bachelor’s degree will help you obtain your credentials as a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA). By attending intensive courses in a School of Business in British Columbia, you will provide yourself with the basis for becoming a knowledgeable tax accountant and consultant.

Finding Your Financial Niche

Whether you wish to become a tax accountant or a consultant, it is important you understand completely the ins-and-outs of economics, finances and tax laws. While it is possible to set up your own company without such thorough knowledge, it is the only way you will ever obtain employment at such respected companies as JA SMITH & ASSOCIATES INC.

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