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Understanding A Lawsuit Cash Advance

There are a lot of misconceptions about lawsuit cash advance funding. At Loan Query, our goal is to provide people with a cash advance on their settlement to help them to get through a difficult and challenging financial time in their life.

We understand that lawsuits can take months and years to settle. This is even true if you have an obvious case as the court systems are simply not designed to immediately process these cases.

To speed up the process, your case may be referred to mediation. However, even with mediation there may not be a settlement, which then leaves no option but litigation and further delays your ability to receive your fair settlement.

How it Works

When you have a pending settlement, you can apply for a lawsuit cash advance through Loan Query. We can obtain the basic information from you, but we can also work with your attorney as well to speed up the process.

We then evaluate the merits of your case. Based on that information will offer a lawsuit cash advance based on the estimated settlement value. With years of working with clients and their cases we provide highly competitive rates and can typically provide funding within one business day of approval, with most funding in 12 hours.


This is not the same as a traditional loan and there is no monthly repayment to consider. Instead, we will be paid when your case is settled and you receive the funds. Our agreement will let you know the rates and the fees for the funding.

For further peace of mind, should your case not settle favorably, you will have no fees or costs to pay. You will also not repay the cash advance amount, so this is a no-risk service for our clients.

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