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Three Reasons You Should Use Oracle Cloud Software

What is Oracle Cloud? How does it work, and why is it such a well-known and popular business tool? Oracle Cloud Software is a service-based computer software provided by Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Cloud Software offers network, applications, infrastructure and data services through a worldwide network of Oracle Corporations managed data centers that can be accessed over the internet. Oracle Cloud software works well with a variety of programming languages such as HTML5, SQL, REST, and a few others. Oracle Cloud also supports third-party systems and open source solutions. Here are three reasons why every business should give Oracle Cloud a try.

  • Application Development

The Oracle Cloud program gives an open standards-based program that helps deploy, build and manage mobile-first, API-first cloud applications. Oracle Cloud supports low code development, cloud-native and container-native. In addition to that, they also offer a DevOps platform for Java applications and even integration with on-prem applications and SaaS. The services they use include Digital Assistants, Developer Cloud, Visual Builder, AI Platform, Application Container Cloud and even blockchain.

  • Business Analytics

Oracle Cloud provides businesses with detailed business analytics that generate and analyze data insights from data warehouses and data lakes. They also offer services such as Analytics Cloud, Big Data Discovery, Essbase, Business Intelligence and even Data Visualization.

  • Data Management

Oracle Cloud offers an in-depth data management platform for hyper-scale Big Data and data workloads, including Text Search, Warehousing, Machine Learning, Deep-Learning, OLTP, Image Analytics and Database Backup. They also have services such as Event Hub, MySQL, Big Data Cloud, Big Data Cloud, Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Autonomous Transaction Processing and even Data Hub.

If you’re in the market for new data management and application software, you might want to consider investing in Oracle Cloud. Go to Belmero’s website to learn more and see your options.

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