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The Importance Of A New Utility Survey After Process Changes

More businesses and an increasing number of industry sectors are making significant changes to processing and manufacturing operations, decreasing their use of water, electricity, and natural gas.

These changes may be cumulative over time, with small changes that are gradually implemented into existing processes. They can also be a complete redesigning of a process, upgrades to equipment, or finding ways to manufacture and produce that are less energy intensive, thereby lowering the cost of production while also creating a more environmentally friendly process.

When these types of changes occur, a utility survey can be a quick and efficient way to evaluate the level of utility use reduction and assess the current sales tax exemption percentages.

Understanding the Change

Through the utility survey and a review of the past twelve months of utility billing, a top company can determine if a significant change in the process would impact qualifying use for a predominant use study.

These services can complete an independent review of the utility survey and provide information on the anticipated change in an existing predominant use study. The manufacturing or processing company can then determine if the benefit of completing a new predominant use study is justified in the savings they can expect from a further reduction on some or all the utility meters at the location.

In addition, top services completing these surveys and predominant use study may also offer additional support for manufacturing, processing, and other qualifying industries to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

For a utility survey or a predominant use study, turn to the expertise and experience of B. Riley Financial, Inc.

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