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The Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Through the Marketplace

While the development of the Affordable Care Act has garnered some controversy in the world of politics, in the real world it is seen mainly as a great boon to those who previously had no health insurance. Here are some of the reported benefits to getting signed up for Federal Health Insurance Exchange Plans in Atlanta, GA.


For those whose income is at a certain level, they qualify for government-sponsored subsidies that help them pay for a certain percentage of their health insurance. This gives people access to insurance who may have never had it before.

Preventive Care

Experts all state that one of the easiest ways to keep people from getting major illnesses is to ensure they have access to preventive healthcare. The government has mandated that any insurance plans sold through the marketplace must provide 10 benefits that are considered essential, including wellness checks which have no co-pay or deductible.

Pre-Existing Conditions

In the past, health insurance companies were allowed to exclude people from certain insurance plans, or to charge them exorbitant premiums, if they had been sick in the past. However, when you purchase Federal Health Insurance Exchange Plans Atlanta, GA, this practice is now illegal.

No Limits

The advent of the health insurance marketplace has also been influential in removing the limits that were previously placed on lifetime and even annual benefits.

If you need more information or help with signing up for health insurance through the marketplace, contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace.

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