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Ride-Sharing and Food-Delivering Requires Special Car Insurance

In former days, a second job meant rocking a cash register or delivering pizza. Today’s second job holders ride share, or they deliver food for Door Dash or Grub Hub. This puts drivers at risk in an accident due to the wrong car insurance in St. Augustine, FL coverage. This is what such drivers should know about auto insurance coverage.

Why Drivers Need This Insurance

Auto insurance companies only cover personal driving. People drive to work, to the grocery store, to school or church, and to visit friends and family. Cars aren’t on the road much, and they’re parked for some hours. It’s a reasonable risk for insurance companies to cover.

Business driving is different. Delivering, ride-sharing and conveying business materials to an office across town puts drivers on the road longer. They are more vulnerable to accidents. This is too much risk for an insurance company to adopt. Drivers run the chance of having a claim denied or being dropped by the insurance company.

Ride-Sharing Insurance Coverage

Uber and Lyft cover their drivers when on the way to a fare as well as during transportation of the fare. Only when the driver is clocked in and waiting for a fare is, he or she covered by car insurance in St. Augustine, FL. Drivers should check with different insurance companies for rates and coverage. Not all companies cover drivers in each state.

Door Dash only covers its drivers when food is in the car. Grub Hub doesn’t insure its drivers. Drivers should check with other food delivery services to know their insurance coverage.


The answer is for drivers to buy commercial or business insurance. Most insurance companies charge between $6 and $20 per year for such policies. They cover drivers from beginning to end of their time on the gig. Drivers should check with their insurance carrier before ride sharing or delivering.

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