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Payday Loan Or Credit Card; What’s Better?

Payday loans are a valuable resource for people that find themselves in a short term financial bind. Everything may be going along just great and then all of a sudden you child needs to be rushed to the hospital or your car breaks down or you get a bill that is far higher than you budgeted for. In situations like this arranging for payday loans online might just be a better option than using your credit card.

There is no source of credit that is easier to access than a credit card but paying one off after you have used it excessively is another story. Using a credit card is an available option but to avoid interest you must pay the balance in full upon receipt of your bill or within a short period of time from that date. If you can’t so this then your next bill will be higher whether you used the card again or not. Credit cards carry extremely high interest rates and before you know it you can end up paying double for something you bought depending on how many months it takes you to pay off the outstanding balance. In most cases the minimum payable is actually less than the interest, you just keep falling farther and farther behind.

On the other hand, payday loans online can actually help fill the need for fast cash and when used as designed, slam the door on an open-ended credit line. Payday loans are designed as small amount loans which are to be paid in full within a couple of weeks and they are designed to cover emergencies. Credit cards only require a small payment to be made every month, if you do this you might be in constant debt; it may take years for you to crawl out from under. Payday loans are not like this, they are loans that expect to be paid in full when you get paid. When you resort to using a payday loan you can do what has to be done and then pay off the debt when it becomes due, this way you don’t have to wait two weeks to get a toothache looked after.

If you can pay off the balance of your credit card in full when it becomes due it is a great tool, use their money to pay for your emergency expenses, however, if you prefer to leave your credit card in your wallet and use payday loans online instead you just might end up paying less for the loan.

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