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Facts You Need to Know About SR-22 Auto Insurance in Peoria, IL

If you have ever had your license taken away, the state you live in might require you to submit a form indicating you have a minimum amount of auto insurance before they reinstate your license. This is known as an SR-22. Here are some facts about this form you may need to know about it.

What Exactly Is It?

Even though it is sometimes referred to as insurance, Sr22 Insurance in Peoria is not really insurance. It is just a form that your insurance company submits to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. It is simply a declaration of financial responsibility stating that you do indeed have auto insurance. It will be required before the state will reinstate your driver’s license.

When Do You Need It?

Generally, you need an SR-22 form when your license is revoked for one of the following reasons: operating under the influence, excessive tickets or violations, court-ordered suspensions, or causing an accident while not possessing insurance. An SR-22 form cannot be submitted by you, only by the insurance company, so you will have to find an insurance company that submits them on your behalf. All of the major insurance carriers perform this action, but there are some minor ones that do not.

For How Long Is It Needed?

Most states require that you hold the Sr22 Insurance in Peoria for a period of one to three years. After this period, the insurance company is not required to submit the form on your behalf.

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