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Credit Union Benefits

Credit unions and banks seem to pop up everywhere across the country. While they may look the same on the outside, there are distinct advantages to choosing a credit union over a bank. Below are some reasons why you should be looking more closely at credit unions when handling your money.

Interest Rates

Credit unions offer lower interest rates than most banks. They are very competitive and can save you money this way. This is a great benefit when applying for car or home loans. Credit unions in Northlake can offer these low interest rates as well.

Superior Customer Service

On average, the service provided at credit unions is better than that of banks. Since credit unions tend to be smaller, they have more of a neighborly feel than a larger bank. At a credit union, don’t feel surprised if the bankers and tellers eventually know you by name and have an interest in not just your money, but you as a person.

Although there are some banks with this type of service, they are harder to find. You tend to feel more like a number than a person here. Credit unions are more personalized and relationship based.

Member Owned

A credit union is member owned. This means that as a member, you own a part of the union. This ensures that their mission is to take care of you and your money. There are no stockholders or board of directors calling the shots. They are run by members of the community who have a vested interest in keeping your money safe and local.


Credit unions also provide their members with the latest hi-tech banking instruments. They know that in order to keep their members happy, they must provide them with the best the banking world has to offer.

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