Free CPE for CPAs

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Bank Account Debt

You’re a CPA. You love your job. You want to be as good at your job as you can possibly be. So what is the best way to improve upon your already wide range of skills? Continuing professional education (CPE). CPE for CPAs may very well already be required in your state or by your company, and even if it’s not, you still may want to take the occasional course to brush up on your knowledge, or to expand upon your areas of expertise. You have plenty of financial obligations as it is, and you’re on a budget, so how can you take the CPE courses you want, without breaking your budget? How about free CPE for CPAs, from your friends at CPE Think. That’s right. Free.

If you want to take the courses, but you don’t want to spend the money, is the site for you. We offer a wide range of free courses for CPAs, and each course was designed by an industry professional with the same quality that we put into our paid courses. Each of CPE Think’s free courses is built to meet or exceed industry standards, meaning that any credits you earn when taking one of our free course exams will actually work to your benefit and increase your value as a company asset.

We Know How Busy You Are

We care about your professional career and we want to arm you with the education it takes to succeed in your competitive field. That’s why when you choose to take one of our free CPE for CPAs courses, you will be given an entire year from the day you sign up to finish the course and complete the final exam, so you can study at your own pace. For most exams, a passing score of 70% is required, and your score will stay in our system for five additional years, providing you with proof of completion and of proper crediting just in case you need it.

You Have Nothing to Lose

When CPE Think says a course is free, we mean it. Each free CPE for CPAs course requires no financial commitment, and comes with no obligations. You sign up, take the free course, and when you pass, you get your credits and certification.

To learn more about free CPE for CPAs, call CPE Think at (888) 273-0273.

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